Everyone Is Welcome at Congregation Beth Israel

The oldest continuously functioning local synagogue in Bangor, ME

If you’re looking for a welcoming Jewish place of worship in Bangor, ME, come to Congregation Beth Israel.

Our Jewish learning center and local synagogue offers the opportunity to:

  • Build strong relationships with members of the Bangor Jewish community
  • Empower others to embrace diversity and fight for social justice
  • Improve your Hebrew literacy skills through Jewish group learning

Join us for Shabbat or weekday services to see what our Jewish worship center is all about.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Chevruta / חברותא

Chevruta / חברותא

A place of learning and community

At Congregation Beth Israel, we believe that no act is too small to make a difference in this world. As a community-driven Jewish learning center, we focus on opening minds and hearts so that we can be an agent of social change. Jews from all backgrounds are welcome at our local synagogue, as well as their partners and families.

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Learning, literacy and discussion are always at the core of Judaism. Through Talmudic study and community engagement, we open our minds and deepen our understanding of our faith.

Congregation Beth Israel provides a space for learning and discussion in our weekly Chevruta (חברותא) groups. Call our office today to learn more about any of these groups:


Family education


Post B'nai Mitzvah


Grades 3 through B'nai Mitzvah


Age 3 through Grade 2

Classes focus on Hebrew and liturgical fluency, as well as what it means to be Jewish in a modern world.

Our family group meets shabbat mornings, and our other groups meet on Saturdays and Tuesdays. For more information about Jewish group learning, contact our office manager at 207-945-3433.

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